Ride or Hike Around Lake Skagern

The bicycle trail that goes around Lake Skagern is now complimented with a hiking and horsebackriding trail.
The trail consists of dirt paths, gravel and paved roads. You can hike or take your own horse and go at your own speed.
The entire trail is about 100 kilometers long and you choose what method you use, where to go, and how long.
You decide what best fits your plans!

It does not matter if you are on foot or upon the back of a horse; you experience the fantastic natural beauty of the area.
The landscape shifts and changes but you are never far from the Lake.

The trail is actually coupled to an old historic pilgrim’s trail!
The trail is well marked with many posts decorated with horses’ shoes and hiking shoes
as well as pilgrim’s market for those on a pilgrimage!

There is a special brochure for the hiking and horseback riding with a list of sponsors who offer horse and rider services,
horseshoeing, veterinarian services and a detailed map.
This can be purchased at the Tourist Bureau or can be ordered from the association that is responsible for the trail:

Public – Public Rights and Public Wrongs!

The Swedish nature is open to all of us – you can enjoy the songs of the birds,
the fragrance of blooming fields and the peace and quite of the woods.
You also must take care of the nature and be considerate towards other people and animals.
Do not disturb and do not destroy are the mail goals of the general public domain.

Be aware of:

Please respect private homes – don’t stay, park, or pass over the area around a private house or farm.
Be considerate to others on the trail.
Make sure you are riding a ”traffic safe horse” as part of trail follows regular vehicle street roads.
Also riders must have good knowledge of the traffic rules and accordingly, follow the appropriate rules when using public roads.
Leaving trash along the trail is forbidden; you must clean up after yourself and throw the trash in an authorized trashcan.